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The legend of the Black Rooster...

The real origin of the Black Rooster

The legend of the Black Rooster...
When the Republics of Firenze and Siena were fought far away in the Medium Evo, on the territory that separated to them there were always disputes. Taken the decision to define the borders with a method rather originates them. To the dawn two knights would be leave themselves, from Firenze, the other from Siena and moment of departure would have decided it the song of the rooster and their encounter would have determined the borders and the property of the Chianti. The senesi chose a rooster white man, the fiorentini preferred a black rooster. The black rooster of the fiorentini was held to the buio for various days and was fed with least food. The day "ics", perhaps as soon as replaced in freedom, the rooster began "to sing" (screamed) to all volume even if the dawn was still far. The knight fiorentino had the possibility to leave in times anticipates to you regarding that senese. The senese knight, instead, left with "the regular" song of the rooster white man and met the knight fiorentino only 12 kilometers from Siena, to Fonterutoli. The encounter place defined, therefore, the area of the Chianti that passed under the aegis of Florence and the Black Rooster was represented like symbol of the territory and the Alloy of the Chianti. The alloy had tasks trained to you and of defense of the territory One D.O.P. ante litteram? When to the half of the sixteenth century, Vasari was called to restructure Old Palace, istoriņ, in the Hall of the 1500's, the black rooster, just for political meant its.

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Of Eleonora & Francesco (12/6/2008 7:15:21 PM, in A day in Chianti, read 4,801 times)
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